IMAGE COLLECTIONS     "The Subway" - Zion National Park

The geology of Zion National Park is unique in the world and spectacular on a grand scale. For this trip, my destination was an incredible slot canyon on the northwest side of the park appropriately named "The Subway". I had researched "The Subway" over the past couple of months and my anticipation leading up to the day of the hike was high.

My journey into the canyon would happen the day after a substantial rain. Walking out to the rim the afternoon before the hike, I peered down at the creek and saw discolored water making it's way downstream. I went to sleep hoping for this to change.

Heading down the trail early morning my worries are for not as I am greeted by the crystal clear waters of Left Fork Creek. After a few miles of route finding and rock hopping, I start to sense something special is just around the corner. It was.